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Document Management and Document Scanning Services

The Construction Industry is typically paper-reliant, with documentation and paperwork playing a huge part in the day to day efficiency and workload of Contractors, Estimators, Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, Office staff and the like.

Processing, finding and retrieving important documents, large format drawings and plans are a major part of the industry job.  Due to the nature of the business, many construction staff can be based out in the field, with mobile office set-ups common for temporary sites and offices.

At CH Digital we have vast experience in working within the Construction industry, helping our clients scan and manage documents ranging from large format drawings, A4 & A3 paper, colour photographs, microfilm and various other paperwork forming Contract and Project files.

Scanning and digitisation of records can help staff to quickly locate important drawings and plans no matter where they’re based.  Combined with clever cloud construction document management solution Live-Docs, scanning enables documents to be accessed quickly and efficiently, which can ultimately speed up processes, improve communication, save money and keep your multi-million-pound projects running on deadline and to target.

We will take care of it all from collection to securely shredding your documents in line with your document retention system.

With a range of solutions, CH Digital can meet your requirements and offers full service from collection to delivery. Want to know more and gain a free quote or consultation? Call us now on 01827 726934

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