Document Scanning & Management Solutions, Newcastle

Document Management Services in Newcastle

CH Digital provides a comprehensive range of document management and document scanning services to businesses based in Newcastle. We can assist your business in making the transition from paper-reliant business to fully paperless all whilst achieving GDPR compliance.

Our services are designed to help your business save time, space or money – maybe even all three! Whether you need help making space in your office with a one-off archive scanning project or need an ongoing monthly scanning solution we can help with your high quality, cost-effective document scanning services and document management solutions.

Our range of services include;

In addition, we can also offer a modern way to manage documents with our live-docs productslive-docs is an innovative and flexible tool that places and stores business documents in a safe, easily accessible place and organising them in such way so that their retrieval and processing is as easy as possible, all from within a web browser window.

We have three Live-docs products;

We can help your Newcastle based business with the following issues;

  • Making the seamless shift to becoming a paperless office
  • Freeing up space in your premises
  • Achieving a safe and secure option for storing and retrieving your records
  • Meeting GDPR compliance guidelines
  • Saving time when searching for important documents
  • Reducing your companies carbon footprint by digitizing records
  • Retaining your archived documents without the cost of having all your documentation scanned
  • Easily locating specific records with an indexing service

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