Legal Services

Save time, save money, save space while complying with the Solicitors Regulation Authority using our Document Scanning and Document Management Services.

For law firms, case files and contracts can often consist of large numbers of documents which are stored away, taking up valuable office space. Choosing to scan, store and manage these documents digitally reduces the need to pay for this physical storage whilst giving you the opportunity to access documents in an efficient manner. As part of the digitization process, our experienced scanning team can also add optical character recognition (OCR) which allows you to rapidly search your digitized files for keywords or phrases.

As you will be aware, legal firms must abide by strict retention policies which dictates how long a record should be stored before it is destroyed and now with the implementation of GDPR how you store those files has never been more important. Whether you need to keep your documents for 30 days or 30 years, we can scan, store, shred and recycle them from our secure facility to help you comply with GDPR and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We can offer combined services from document scanning, document management solutions to secure archiving, we will tailor a solution to meet your own specific requirements.

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