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International Law Firm Scanning

International Law Firm Scanning


Here's how we helped an International Law Firm to move to a more modern way of working during the pandemic.

Recent Case Study

An international law-firm had some physical client records, ordinarily, these would be sent to their head office, where they would be scanned and uploaded into their internal legal system as digital images. Instead, they were sent to the home address of a lawyer who was…………… working from home!

Having physical copy client files sent to a home address raised two main issues for the organisation;

  1. The security and data protection risk of having client files at an individual’s home address
  2. Accessibility issues as other members of the team needed to access these files

CH digital collected the client records, and in 48 hours, had scanned the files onto an encrypted USB device, which was then uploaded into the Law firm’s system, allowing access to all homeworkers within the firm.

If you have an issue regarding digitisation of documents for home workers, please give us a call on 01827-726934, or visit our website and e-mail we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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