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Top Tips for GDPR compliance

Top Tips for GDPR compliance


We have compiled our top tips for keeping your business GDPR compliant.

Keeping your business GDPR Compliant

We have compiled our top tips for keeping your business GDPR compliant.

Secure personal data stored in the cloud

Many popular digital storage service providers have questionable clauses that may not be keeping your data truly compliant and secure (read our other article for more on this). We recommend that businesses carry out a review of all cloud-based data to ensure that data is encrypted, access controls are in place and any vulnerabilities are addressed.

Limit collection, access, processing and storage of personal data

Reduce your organisation’s risk by only collecting and retaining data that your business needs and only allow your team to access that data if they require it for their job role. We also recommend that personal data is deleted once the purpose for which it was collected for is fulfilled.

Ensure awareness and training

All organisations should ensure there is awareness of GDPR requirements and deliver training to employees to keep the team aware of their responsibilities regarding the protection of personal data and identification of personal data breaches as soon as possible. In addition, where there is significant processing of personal data in any organisation, there should be an appointed Data Protection Officer.

Document data protection activity

Document all data protection activity that has taken place within your organisation to show that you’ve thought about data protection and taken sensible precautions to secure personally identifiable information (PII).

 At CH Digital we offer an alternative to popular document storage providers with our Live-Docs solution. Live-Docs is a secure GDPR compliant archive repository where digital archives are held purely for your use only, accessible only by username and password.

For more information on Live-Docs please explore our website or contact us on 01827 726934 or email

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