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Live-Docs at CH Digital Ltd

Live-docs – State of the art document management

CH Digital are ideally placed to provide document management solutions with the ‘Live-Docs’ Range of products. Whether it is access to archival documents for individuals or corporate solutions for multiple departments in multiple locations ‘Live-Docs’ has the solution to meet your requirements.

Find Out More at CH Digital Ltd – Document access and control; whenever, wherever

An intelligent cloud based system offering instant access 24/7 from any internet connected device. This solution is ideal for multiple departments, locations and users. Keep control of access and functionality by setting user permissions whilst creating auditable logs. This solution is feature rich and offers much more than an image repository. can be tailored to meet your individual requirements and all via the cloud.

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Live-Docs Personal Cloud at CH Digital Ltd

Live-docs on your personal cloud

All of the benefits of within your own personal cloud using your own URL.

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Live-Docs Portable at CH Digital Ltd

Live-docs Portable – An ideal image repository system

Portable software that can be loaded onto CD, DVD or USB Devices. The software is stand alone and has no installation requirements. An ideal image repository system allowing simple searching and quick access to scanned documents.

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