Modern Way to Manage Documents is an innovative and flexible cloud-based tool that supports the archiving and management of documents, regardless of the organisation’s profile. The main goal of the system is placing and storing business documents in a safe, easily accessible place and organising them in such way so that their retrieval and processing is as easy as possible – all this within a web browser window. can store both files created in electronic form as well as scanned images of traditional documents. Thanks to a scanning module the live-docs system can be used not only for comprehensive electronic document management but also for digitisation of paper documents in order to import them into electronic workflow or archiving.

Access and Control – Whenever, Wherever document management system can be provided either in the cloud on SaaS (Software as a Service) basis at or as a stand-alone solution installed within the client’s server to build a private cloud. In both cases, documents uploaded into the system can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Optimised for Performance

Specially designed databases increase performance of working with electronic content to level not possible to reach while working with paper documents. Time to find an invoice, order or personal folder from dozens, hundreds or thousands of records is always counted in seconds.

Security Without Compromises

Connection to is always encrypted (SSL) and only users who have been granted the appropriate permissions can access its resources. Activity of each user is recorded and visible to the administrator, who also has the ability to remotely log someone out.

Document Profiles & Attributes

Create custom profile for each type of documents (Purchase Invoices, HR Records etc.) and describe documents by attributes (invoice date, last name, insurance number etc.) to decrease time needed to find records you are looking for to seconds.

Users & Groups

Control access to each document profile by creating password-protected user accounts and grouping them into departments corresponding to those existing in your company (HR Department, Accounts Department etc.).

Commenting Documents

Share comments about work by placing them directly under relevant documents.

Advanced Permissioning

Use advanced, low-level access privileges granting mechanism to decide who can view/edit/delete documents in each profile.

Version Control

Upload new versions of existing files and keep full version history in the system at the same time.

Full Text Search

Search through the content of text documents (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT), spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX), PDF files and many more.

Upload Documents Directly from Windows

Turn on monitoring of selected directories on local drive to automatically send their content to live-docs or use SendTo option in Windows context menu on selected files.

Direct Image

Move content of your paper documents directly to live-docs profiles using any TWAIN compatible scanner.

Share Documents with Others

Send files directly from live-docs as encrypted e-mail attachments and create public profiles accessible for those who do not have user accounts in the system.

Logging and Sessions Management

Check who is logged into the system and if needed remotely close selected sessions. Check system logs and reports to monitor users activity and control available system resources.

Integration of Operations on Documents in One Tool

Instead of using e-mails to discuss documents, FTP to share their large volumes and file servers or external discs for their archiving you can use one tool for all of these activities. And there is no need to install additional software or purchase additional hardware.

Immediate access to the Data

Documents uploaded into the system are immediately visible to all authorised users. Invoice scanned in Manchester can be displayed on accountant’s monitor in London few seconds after going through the scanner.

Office Space Saving

The introduction of electronic documents instead of paper significantly reduces the amount of space needed to store documents in the traditional form which leads to further reductions in the company expenses.

Reduction of Time Needed to Find Documents

Advanced search mechanisms and tools manipulating the displayed search results allow you to find the desired document among thousands of records in seconds.

Scalability and Flexibility

Design of the system allows creating a company account online or implementation of ‘in-house’ solution within a short time covering just a range of functions that are initially required by the customer. As the business expands and it’s needs grow system can be extended with additional features and resources without incurring additional costs.

With a range of document management solutions, CH Digital can meet your requirements and offers a full service from collection through to digitising your documents in a secure and GDPR compliant manner.

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