Sectors We Work With

Our specialties; construction, aerospace, legal and financial service

CH Digital specialises in working with a number of sectors, offering document management services. With the increasing trend for businesses to move to a paperless state and the increasing pressure from GDPR regulations, we are here to support you and provide a hassle-free outsourced solution for your document management needs.

At CH Digital we have built up over time a number of sectors in which we specialise in working with and have specific requirements based on the way that industry operates.

Document Management Solutions for…


The Construction Industry is paper-intensive, with documentation and paperwork playing a huge part in the day to day efficiency and workload. Read more about how we can help businesses in the Construction Industry

Legal Services

For law firms, case files and contracts can often consist of large numbers of documents which are stored away, taking up valuable office space. Save time, save money and save space while complying with the Solicitors Regulation Authority using our Document Scanning and Document Management Services.

Financial Services

The financial services industry has seen large technology-led changes over the last few years. With pressure from the smaller more agile start-ups, it is becoming increasingly important for financial services to embrace digital technology to ensure they meet customers’ expectations. Find out how we can help by clicking here.


As one of the most advanced engineering sectors, the aerospace engineering industry needs to lead the way in technological advancements, starting with electronic document management.  Read more here.

CH Digital can offer a range of solutions for your document management requirements. We offer a full service from collection to delivery or we can assist you with one-off projects. If you would like to find out more and gain a free quote or consultation then please contact us on 01827 726934 or email

CH Digital - Document Scanning for the Construction Industry

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