Data Capture Scanning

Data Capture Services at CH Digital Ltd

CH Digital employs sophisticated data capture scanning software which enables us to capture data to a very high standard and precise degree of accuracy.

Our data capture scanning service enables us to automatically extract specific text from your forms, invoices, statements, letters or any other type of document during the scanning process. This service will ensure you increase internal efficiencies by reducing manual data entry time and improving the accuracy of your data.

How we can help you…

  1. We can scan and retrieve data from a wide range of documents including invoices, purchase orders. HR files, application forms, surveys, claim forms
  2. Our data capture scanning services offer more precise data capture than manual methods
  3. Receive your data files in a format that suits you
  4. Achieve an entire catalogue of digital files with searchable and editable contents

At CH Digital we also offer help with form design, enabling data to be captured more easily and accurately, using ‘logic’ to determine the field characteristics, e.g. Dates, Numbers etc.


  • Accurately captures key information from your data
  • Reduces the time and cost associated with manual entry

 With a range of solutions, CH Digital can meet your requirements and offers full service from collection to delivery. Want to know more and gain a free quote or consultation? Call us now on 01827 726934

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