Scan on Demand

Scan on Demand Services at CH Digital Ltd

CH Digital offer a Scan on Demand service which allows your business to securely store documents offsite and quickly and easily retrieve them as and when required.

How Scan on Demand Storage Works…

  1. Store your documents off-site at our secure scanning and storage facility
  2. Request your files securely, using a dedicated e-mail account
  3. Have your files located by a member of the CH Digital team. The documents will then be scanned and uploaded into our secure, GDPR compliant, online repository Live-Docs, where they can be accessed and retrieved
  4. The documents will then be returned to our secure document storage facility and an electronic audit trail will be logged.

At CH Digital we can scan a range of different formats from receipts to large A0 size coloured plans.

Benefits of our Scan on Demand service

  • Retain your archived documents without the cost of having all your documentation scanned
  • Free up space in your premises
  • A safe and secure option for storing and retrieving your records
  • Meet GDPR compliance guidelines
  • Save time when searching for important documents
  • Reducing your companies carbon footprint by digitizing records

With a range of solutions, CH Digital can meet your requirements and offers full service from collection to delivery. Want to know more and gain a free quote or consultation? Call us now on 01827 726934

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